Welcome to GadgetComa™’s IFTTT Day One Lifestream Logger (GiftttDy)

TL;DR – GiftttDy collects your online activity from a variety of sources and loads it into Day One journaling software. The number of sources available to load are only limited to what IFTTT integrates with.

GiftttDy 4.0 is here! Now works with Day One 2!

What? GadgetComa? IFTTT? Day One? Lifestream? What the heck are you talking about? Let’s start with some definitions:

  • GadgetComa – The state into which a gadget geek falls after acquiring a new techno-toy. Days seem to go by while he or she fiddles with said gadget and raves to others about how groundbreaking it is.
  • IFTTT – A service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: If This Then That. It’s like a programming language for the internet. You can do all sorts of amazing things linking web services … oh heck … just read about it on the IFTTT About page.
  • Day One – A simple, elegant journal for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It easy to use, syncs across devices, and the Mac version is what lets me create GiftttDy. Here are links to the Mac and iOS apps.
  • Lifestream – My definition of a lifestream is a collection of electronic droppings from around the web – all of the social networking posts, likes, tweets, shares, photos, grunts, groans, etc. For a more eloquent definition, here is the requisite Wikipedia page reference every web site must include.

Got it? Now, you’re probably wondering how this all fits together. That’s where GiftttDy comes in. I started keeping a journal using Day One a while back. One day, while enjoying the convenience of updating my journal from my iPhone, I thought, why not track my tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, etc. I know I can go to each social network site separately, but I really like having it in my journal. It adds to the collection of thoughts and memories I save there. It’s especially cool during vacations as my Foursquare checkins, photos and other social media actions create a trip diary for me with no extra effort. So, I went about learning how to mess with AppleScript and the Day One command line tool. Soon, I realized I could do even more by writing directly to Day One files, which led me to even more coding for the ‘ultimate solution.’ And now, you can benefit from it too. Here’s an example of what the lifestream entry in Day One looks like:

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