IFTTT Recipe Creation


UPDATE – 2/20/2015 – This recipe for recipes page is a bit outdated. Changes to this page need to be added for the new daily mode. Expect those within the next week or so.

So You Think You Can Cook?

You must be one of the adventurous ones. If you are looking to create your own recipes for GiftttDy, the instructions below are what you need. If you’re having trouble getting it to work, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help. If you do create a nifty one for Giftttdy (ha – couldn’t resist), please share it with the world! If you do share a recipe, make it easy for other GiftttDy users to find by naming it “GiftttDy 2.0 – {Service Post Type} to Day One #giftttdy.”

  1. Go to IFTTT to create a new recipe.
  2. Choose a Channel and select the Trigger you want to use.
  3. After you configure the trigger, choose Dropbox as the Action Channel.
  4. Choose ‘Create a text file’ as the Dropbox Action.
  5. You can use anything for the filename, but make sure it ends up being unique. If every file showed up as ‘Blogger.txt’, you might lose data. I use the name of the service followed by whatever date ingredient is available (e.g., blogger PostPublished).
  6. The content section has a very specific format. If you don’t follow it, GiftttDy won’t work with the output. There are six components to the content (the last one can be left off): Post Type, Tags, Date, Image URL, Content and Digest Mode. In order for GiftttDy to figure out what’s what, each component is separated by three pipe symbols |||. All components must have an entry. Here’s what to do with each component:
    • Post Type – Enter what you want to appear in Day One to identify what type of post this is. GiftttDy inserts markdown code so the Post Type displays as a heading in Day One. For example, if you put in New Blogger Post, GiftttDy will put the heading New Blogger Post at the top of the Day One entry.
    • Tags – If the Channel provides tags, put that ingredient here. If not, you can enter tags yourself, separating with commas. If you want to add tags and use the Channel’s ingredient, put your tags first and be sure to put a comma between your last tag and the tags ingredient. There must be something specified here, so if no tag ingredient is available, at least put the name of the Channel here.
    • Date – Use the date ingredient provided by the Channel. If you don’t want to use the Channel’s date or the Channel doesn’t provide one, use NODATE. GiftttDy will then use the last modification date of the file provided by OS X.
    • Image URL – If the Channel provides the URL to a photo, you can include it here. Be sure to leave a space between the URL and the ||| delimiter. GiftttDy can’t download the photo without that space. If the Channel does not provide an image URL or you don’t want to use it, use NOPIC. You must always have either a URL ingredient or NOPIC listed.
    • Content – Use whatever text and/or ingredients you want. Day One recognizes markdown, so you can do some basic formatting. For example, you can make a word bold by surrounding it with two asterisks. To separate the heading from the content, you must start the content with <br> . This inserts a line break after the heading.
    • Digest Mode – Set this to TRUE to have GiftttDy combine posts for a service for each day into one Day One entry. This is not recommended for photo services as Day One will only let you save one photo per entry. Read more about digest mode here. You can leave off this component if you don’t want to use digest mode and GiftttDy won’t care. If you use Digest Mode and your Content ends with a URL, be sure to leave a space between the content and the ||| delimiter. AppleScript throws a temper tantrum if a there is no space between a URL and the |||.
    • Here are some examples. View my shared recipes for more examples.
      • For Blogger with the photo: Blogger Post|||{{Labels}}|||{{PostPublished}}|||{{PostImageUrl}} |||<br>**Title**: {{PostTitle}}<br>**Link**:{{PostUrl}}
      • For Blogger without the photo: Blogger Post|||{{Labels}}|||{{PostPublished}}|||NOPIC|||<br>**Title**: {{PostTitle}}<br>**Link**:{{PostUrl}}
  7. Set the Dropbox folder path to IFTTT/giftttdy.

That’s all there is to it!

Problems? Questions? Need a place to troll? Want to share your deepest, innermost desires … ahem … for GiftttDy? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact me.