IFTTT Applets for GiftttDy 4.0


GiftttDy can help you capture activity from many different services for your lifestream thanks to IFTTT. Here’s a list of all the services you can use with GiftttDy: 500px, Blogger, Facebook, Fitbit, Flickr, Foursquare, Goodreads, IMDB, Instagram, Instapaper, iOS Contacts, iOS Photos, iOS Reminders, Pinterest, Pocket, Reddit, RSS, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Toodledo, Tumblr, Twitter, UP by Jawbone, WordPress, YouTube. (Note 1: All media is embedded via a link, not downloaded to your journal. Note 2: As of 2/1/17, some recipes in the table below are TBD. Stay tuned.)

Unfortunately, IFTTT recently removed the ability to share applets, so you’ll need to create them yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not all that hard. Here are the basic steps (this assumes you have an IFTTT account already):

  • Choose a service (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) you want to log.
  • Create a trigger for that service (e.g., new tweet by you, new Facebook status by you, etc.)
  • Choose Dropbox as the action service.
  • Choose “Create a text file” as the Dropbox action.
  • Fill in the action fields
    • Filename – Whatever you want. I always include a date ingredient.
    • Content – Find the service and trigger in the table below, then copy the content from the content column and past in this field.
    • Dropbox folder path – IFTTT/giftttdy4
  • Create the action.

If you already have applets you use with GiftttDy 3.x, you can modify them easily:

  • Find the service and trigger in the table below, then copy the content from the content column and past in the content field.
  • Change the Dropbox folder path to IFTTT/giftttdy4.

If you want to use a service / trigger combination not listed in the table below, you can create the Content field by using this format:

<Service and Trigger Name>|||<Tags>|||<Date>|||<Entry>

Data from the service (i.e., tweet, Facebook post, etc.) is represented by text inside <>. Fill in this data by selecting the appropriate ingredient (don’t include the <>). Each data field is separated by three pipe symbols (|||).

  • The Service and Trigger Name is the name GiftttDy will use as a heading for entries of this type (e.g., Facebook Photo, Twitter Mention). (GiftttDy will add ‘s’ to the end of the heading for digest mode, so don’t put ‘s’ on the end of whatever you put here.)
  • Tags are any tags you want to include with the post. If the service provides tags as an ingredient, you can use that here. I always use at least the service name. Tags cannot include punctuation.
  • Date is either a date ingredient or you can use NODATE. NODATE tells GiftttDy to use the date of the Dropbox file. You may need to use this if the service doesn’t provide a date. Another use would be if you want the date you triggered the action versus the date provided in the ingredient. For example, if you upvote a Reddit post, the date ingredient would be the date the post was submitted to Reddit, not the date of when you upvoted it. NODATE fixes that.
  • Entry is the meat of the applet. This varies greatly by service. You can use HTML and markdown for additional formatting. Look at some of my examples in the table below for ideas. It’s quite powerful.

ServiceTriggerCommentsApplet ContentAdded
500pxNew Public Photo PostedSaves photos you post and make public. (The photo is linked, not downloaded. You'll need to be online to see the it.)(tbd)(tbd)
BloggerPostsSave your posts from Blogger.(tbd)(tbd)
FacebookLinks PostedSave links you post on Facebook.Facebook Link|||Facebook|||{{CreatedAt}}|||{{Title}}. {{Message}}. {{Link}}2017-02-05
FacebookPhoto PostedEmbeds Facebook photos you post into Day One. This means the photo can only be viewed when you're online, but if you're on Facebook, you're online, right?Facebook Photo|||Facebook,photo|||{{CreatedAt}}|||{{Caption}}<br><img src="{{ImageSource}}">2017-02-05
FacebookProfile ChangesSave changes to your Facebook profile. Daily mode includes a link to your profile photo since Day One doesn't allow multiple photos for a single entry. I'm including this if you want to try it, but Facebook seems to randomly signal that my profile has changed even if nothing changes.Facebook Profile Update|||Facebook|||NODATE|||_Name:_ {{FullName}}, _Location:_ {{Location}}, _Website:_ {{Website}} , _Bio:_ {{Bio}}<br><img src="{{ProfilePictureUrl}}">2017-02-05
FacebookStatus UpdatesSave status updates you post to Facebook so you can remember what you had for dinner last night.Facebook Status Update|||Facebook|||{{UpdatedAt}}|||{{Message}}2017-02-05
FacebookTagged in PhotoSave photos you are tagged in on Facebook. The photo is embedded from Facebook, so you have to be online to see it.Facebook Photo Tag|||Facebook,photo|||NODATE|||Photo tagged by {{From}}. {{Caption}}<br><img src="{{ImageSource}}">2017-02-05
FitbitDaily Step Goal AchievedSaves achievement of your daily step goal, including the goal itself and the total steps for the day.Fitbit Statistic|||Fitbit,health|||{{DateAchieved}} at 11:59PM|||Daily Step Goal Achieved - _Steps Taken:_ {{Steps}}, _Goal:_ {{StepGoal}}2017-02-05
FitbitDaily Activity SummarySaves your Fitbit daily summary. This trigger is a bit odd. It triggers the first time your Fitbit device syncs the following day. Then, yesterday's daily summary gets sent to Dropbox. Fitbit Statistic|||Fitbit,health|||NODATE|||Daily Activity Summary for {{Date}} - _Total steps:_ {{TotalSteps}}, _Floors climbed:_ {{TotalFloorsClimbed}}, _Calories burned:_ {{TotalCaloriesBurned}}, _Elevation gained:_ {{TotalElevationGained}} {{TotalElevationGainedUnit}}, _Traveled:_ {{TotalDistanceCovered}} {{TotalDistanceCoveredUnit}}, _Sedentary minutes:_ {{SedentaryMinutes}}, _Lightly active minutes:_ {{LightlyActiveMinutes}}, _Fairly active minutes:_ {{FairlyActiveMinutes}}, _Very active minutes:_ {{VeryActiveMinutes}}2017-02-05
FlickrPublic Photo FavoritedEmbeds photos you favorite on Flickr into Day One. This is points to the photo on Flickr, so if you're offline, you won't see it. Clicking the photo will take you to Flickr. (Isn't that clever?)(tbd)(tbd)
FlickrPublic Photo PostedSaves photos you post and make public. This version embeds a link to the photo so you'll need to be online to see the photo.Flickr Photo Favorite|||Flickr,photo|||NODATE|||_Title:_ {{Title}} - _Uploaded by:_ {{OwnerName}}<br><img src="{{OriginalSourceUrl}}">2017-02-05
FoursquareCheckinsSaves Foursquare checkins, Mr. Mayor. Plus, in case you can't find your way back, this version links in a copy of the venue location map. You'll need to be online to see it. That's not a problem, right? You're always online so you can checkin every 35 seconds.Foursquare Checkin|||Foursquare|||NODATE|||<a href="{{VenueUrl}}">{{VenueName}}</a><br><img src="{{VenueMapImageUrl}}">2017-02-05
GoodReadsUpdatesSaves updates from Goodreads. This assumes you have time to stop fiddling with GiftttDy long enough to read a book.(tbd)(tbd)
IMDBMovie Added to Watch ListSaves movies you add to your IMDB watch list to Day One. Since you seem to live in Day One, this would be a good way to remember that there are movies to watch too.IMDB Watchlist Movie|||IMDB|||NODATE|||<a href="{{EntryUrl}}">{{EntryTitle}}</a>2017-02-05
IMDBMovie RatedSaves movie ratings you make on IMDB to Day One. Everyone's a critic - including you, huh?IMDB Movie Rating|||IMDB|||NODATE|||<a href="{{EntryUrl}}">{{EntryTitle}}</a> - {{EntryContent}}2017-02-05
InstagramPhoto PostedSaves photos (along with captions) posted to Instagram, embedding the photo in Day One. You won't see the photo unless you're online.Instagram Photo|||Instagram,photo|||{{CreatedAt}}|||{{Caption}}
<p><img src="{{SourceUrl}}">
InstapaperItem HighlightedSaves highlights you make on Instapaper. Trust me, you look good with highlights.(tbd)(tbd)
InstapaperItem HighlightedSaves highlights you make on Instapaper. Trust me, you look good with highlights.(tbd)(tbd)
InstapaperItem LikedSaves articles you like on Instapaper.(tbd)(tbd)
InstapaperItem SavedSaves articles you save to Instapaper.(tbd)(tbd)
IOS ContactsNew ContactSaves new contacts added to your iOS Contact list.iOS Contact|||contact|||{{DateAdded}}|||_Name:_ {{Name}}, _Phone:_ {{PhoneNumber}}, _Email:_ {{Email}}, _Company:_ {{Organization}}, _Title:_ {{JobTitle}}2017-02-05
IOS PhotosNew PhotoSaves photos taken with your iPhone's rear camera - you know - real pictures of something other then you. I know this may come as a surprise to many that the iPhone has a rear camera too. You should try it. This version links to the photo online, so you have to be online for the photo to display.iOS Photo|||Photo|||{{TakenDate}}|||_Album:_ {{AlbumName}}<br><img src="{{PublicPhotoURL}}">2017-02-05
IOS PhotosNew SelfieSaves selfies. Okay, technically this saves any photo taken with the front camera, but come on, you know selfies are the only thing you use it for. This version links to the photo online, so you have to be online for the photo to display.iOS Selfie|||photo,selfie|||{{TakenDate}}|||_Album:_ {{AlbumName}}<br><img src="{{PublicPhotoURL}}">2017-02-05
IOS RemindersReminder CompletedSaves iOS reminders that you've completed to Day One. Good for you. You're getting something done other than playing with GiftttDy. Me too. No, really.iOS Reminder|||reminder,todo|||{{CompletedDate}}|||_Reminder:_ {{Title}}, _Priority:_ {{Priority}}, _Created:_ {{CreatedDate}}2017-02-05
PinterestNew PinSaves pins you've created on Pinterest. Pinterest Pin|||Pinterest|||{{PinnedAt}}|||<a href="{{SourceUrl}}">{{Description}}</a><br><img src="{{PinURL}}">2017-02-05
PinterestPin LikedSave pins you like on Pinterest.Pinterest Pin|||Pinterest|||{{PinnedAt}}|||<a href="{{SourceUrl}}">{{Description}}</a><br><img src="{{PinURL}}">2017-02-05
PocketSaved ArticlesSaves posts to Pocket representing all of the stuff you'll never read because you're too busy saving it to Pocket.(tbd)(tbd)
RedditNew PostSaves your Reddit posts. Don't be a lurker!Reddit Post|||Reddit|||{{PostedAt}}|||<a href="{{PostURL}}">{{Title}}</a>, _posted on:_ {{Subreddit}}2017-02-05
RedditSave CommentsSaves your Reddit comments, you Karma whore you.Reddit Post|||Reddit|||{{PostedAt}}|||<a href="{{PostURL}}">{{Title}}</a>, _posted on:_ {{Subreddit}}2017-02-05
RedditSaved PostsSaves Reddit posts you've saved on Reddit (sounds a bit redundant).Reddit Saved Post|||Reddit|||NODATE|||<a href="{{PostURL}}">{{Title}}</a>, _posted on:_ {{Subreddit}} _by_ {{Author}}2017-02-05
RedditUpvoted PostsSaves Reddit posts you've upvoted. You do upvote, don't you?Reddit Post Upvote|||Reddit|||NODATE|||<a href="{{PostURL}}">{{Title}}</a>, _posted on:_ {{Subreddit}} _by_ {{Author}}2017-02-05
RSS (generic)New PostsSaves new posts from an RSS feed. You can use this for any feed you want; however, it was created as a way to save posts to Day One for services that don't have an IFTTT channel. Fill in the Feed URL field with the URL for the RSS feed. In the Content field, use what is in the Applet Content column, changing and as appropriate. You can mess around with the other ingredients for the Content field (especially EntryImageURL) if you want.<RSS Feed Name>|||<tags>|||{{EntryPublished}}|||<a href="{{EntryUrl}}">{{EntryTitle}}</a>2017-02-05
SoundCloudTrack FavoritedSaves tracks you favorite on SoundCloud to Day One. They can be played from Day One, which is nice because it's one of your favorites, right?(tbd)(tbd)
SoundCloudTrack UploadedSaves tracks you upload to SoundCloud as a link. You can listen to it right in Day One.(tbd)(tbd)
StumbleUponLikesSaves sites you like on StumbleUpon. This recipe uses the RSS (generic) recipe since StumbleUpon doesn't have it's own channel on IFTTT. Replace the Feed URL in the RSS recipe with the URL to your StumbleUpon feed. Your feed URL is http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/[username]/favorites. Replace [username] with your StumbleUpon username (unless your username is [username]). (Hmm, this sounds vaguely familiar.)(tbd)(tbd)
ToodledoCompleted TasksSaves tasks you complete in Toodledo, show off.(tbd)(tbd)
TumblrPostsSaves the porn content you post on Tumblr.(tbd)(tbd)
TwitterMentionsSaves mentions of you on Twitter. (You are that vain, aren't you?)Twitter Mention|||Twitter, social|||{{CreatedAt}}|||{{Text}}. _(Mentioned by {{UserName}})_2017-02-05
TwitterNew FollowersSaves new Twitter followers (great for spam accounts).New Twitter Follower|||Twitter, follower|||{{FollowedAt}}|||_Name:_ <a href="{{LinkToProfile}}">{{FullName}}</a>, _About:_ {{About}}, _Location:_ {{Location}}2017-02-05
TwitterTweet FavoritedSaves tweets you mark as favorites.Favorited Tweet|||Twitter, favorite|||NODATE|||{{Text}} - {{UserName}}2017-02-05
TwitterTweetsSaves your tweets. (Sounds like an environmental movement.)Tweet|||Twitter|||{{CreatedAt}}|||{{Text}}2017-02-05
UP by JawboneNew Sleep LoggedSaves statistics from Jawbone when new sleep is logged. Then again, who has time to sleep when you're playing with GiftttDy?(tbd)(tbd)
WordPressPostsSaves WordPress posts. Single mode includes the first photo included with the post. Digest mode doesn't since Day One only supports one photo per entry.(tbd)(tbd)
YouTubeVideo LikedEmbeds videos liked on YouTube into Day One. You won't see them if you're not online. But, what's tremendously cool (said with complete modesty) - you can watch the video right inside Day One. Ain't technology grand?YouTube Like Video|||YouTube,video,like|||{{LikedAt}}|||{{Title}}<br>
YouTubeVideo UploadedEmbeds videos you upload to YouTube. That's like uploading to two places at once. Wow, you're good!(tbd)(tbd)

(Yes, I know the table below shows IOS instead of iOS. Unfortunately, the table plugin I use – TablePress – uses a case-sensitive sort. TablePress is fantastic otherwise.)

Problems? Questions? Need a place to troll? Want to share your deepest, innermost desires … ahem … for GiftttDy? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page, ask away on Reddit or contact me.