GiftttDy 4.0 Alternate Installation


If you were directed to this page, then you must be having trouble running the GiftttDy Configurator. Sorry! Please let me know about the problems you are having so I can work to fix them. Hopefully this alternative method will get you up and running anyway.

Alternative Installation Method 1

I haven’t yet figured out why the GiftttDy Configurator hangs. I have found that running it as a script instead of an application seems to work. To do that, open the Alternate Installation folder inside the GiftttDy.dmg file. Double click the GiftttDy Configurator – Alternate file. It will open in Script Editor (or AppleScript Editor if you’re running Mac OS X version prior to Yosemite). Click the Run button on the toolbar (it looks like a Play button on a remote control). The installation program should run, so you can go back to the original Installation Guide to continue.

Alternative Installation Method 2

Still having problems (i.e., method 1 above didn’t work)? Not too lucky, then are we. 🙁 Okay, this calls for a manual installation process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a folder in your home folder with the name GiftttDy Temp. Please type it exactly as shown here (capitalization, space, etc.).
  2. Create a folder in your Dropbox folder with the name ifttt. Make sure it’s all lower case. If the folder exists, you can skip this step.
  3. Create a folder inside the ifttt folder from step 2 with the name giftttdy4. Make sure it’s all lower case. If the folder exists, you can skip this step.
  4. Copy the com.gadgetcoma.giftttdy.plist file from the Alternate Installation folder in the GiftttDy.dmg file to your Preferences folder. This folder is inside the Library folder under your home folder. The path would be /Users/[Your User Name]/Library/Preferences. Or, go to Finder, click the Go menu while holding down the Option key. Click Library in the menu, then go to Preferences.
  5. If you want to change the options in the file you just copied in step 4, open the com.gadgetcoma.giftttdy.plist file in TextEdit. You can change the way GiftttDy creates entries by change the mode value. The default is DailyByService – you’ll see this near the end of the file as <string>DailyByService</string>. This groups your posts into a single Day One entry for each day, further grouped by the Source. If you want to group them by day but organized by time instead of by source, change DailyByService to DailyByTime. Also, by default, GiftttDy adds its own tag to your Day One entries. If you want to turn this off, change the word true (found underneath the line that includes GiftttDy Tag) to false.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Continue with the rest of the steps in the Installation Guide with one exception. When you create the Hazel entries, you won’t have a pop-up window telling you the folders you need. Use the folders you created in step 1 (the GiftttDy temporary folder) and step 2 (the IFTTT dropbox folder).

Problems? Questions? Need a place to troll? Want to share your deepest, innermost desires … ahem … for GiftttDy? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact me.

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